2020 Powerbroker Award Top Firm
Joel B. Miller

"When people ask me what I do for a living, my answer is simple, I SOLVE PROBLEMS. I'm a businessman who deals in real estate and understands how to successfully complete transactions in the real world." Simply put, I help people make money and help them solve the real estate challenges they encounter.
Joel B. Miller
Perishable Management Services, LLC

Having served as President and Chief Operating Officer in two different fields, I bring to the table over five decades of successful entrepreneurial experience in the industrial / commercial real estate brokerage field and in the food manufacturing / distribution industry.

As the sole proprietor of Perishable Management Services, LLC, I provide individualized attention. Exclusive listings are limited, allowing me to offer hands-on representation.

As an industry expert, I can also quickly target your needs, helping to eliminate wasted hours of real estate tours that barely reflect your requirements. My perspective has been developed from running businesses, interacting at the highest levels with senior management and through experience in the urban / industrial marketplace, based on extensive industry experience and business relationships.

A successful real estate transaction is a team effort between the real estate professional and the client. I make this experience productive by offering:
  • A thorough understanding of client needs.
  • Deep knowledge of the operational needs of businesses and the facilities that support them.
  • The proven ability to research, locate, and broker prime real estate.
  • Extensive experience in environmental situations (MA General Law Chapter 21E) and zoning issues, both in the industrial inner-city and the suburban markets.
  • An ongoing relationship with all major real estate companies and independent real estate offices.
Contact Joel Miller at joel@permanser.com, or fill out an information form to have him contact you.
Melissa Chaput

Like Joel, I am not just a broker... I am a problem solver specializing in industrial / commercial real estate nationwide with an emphasis in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Virginia.

I enjoy bringing industrial spaces to life, especially urban industrial!

I am a big believer in building up the community and the "everybody eats" mentality.

I have relationships and I solve problems for my clients by identifying real estate solutions that give them the ability to grow and or work more efficiently.

I am thankful that every day is an opportunity to learn something in this industry whether it be workflow or utility loads and every once in a while I get to bring an old, forgotten, dilapidated, beautiful building back to life.

Contact Melissa Chaput at melissa@permanser.com, or fill out an information form to have her contact you.